Things I wish…

9 thoughts on “Things I wish…”

  1. Correct there is always hope. And you can always ask for help.
    A tip with the to do list. Don’t put stuff on it in the first place if you can possibly avoid it. Don’t volunteer yourself to do other people’s stuff for them.
    Wishing for you all that you wished for.

  2. Your list could be my list, but Maddy’s advice is sound. I have learned to say no (finally). Putting ourselves first is a difficult challenge–you are in good company.

  3. hang in there! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, myself. feeling like I don’t have control over my own time is the worst feeling in the world. but then somehow, you make the deadlines, finish the to-do lists and all of a sudden get to relax a bit and feel proud of yourself for making it through! 😊

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