Pour Yourself Out

We have become so commercialized. And self-centered. Christmas lists that are pages long. Holiday parties full of indulgences. When did we lose sight of the meaning of Christmas? When did we forget that this season is a celebration of the coming of Christ to save us from our own sinfulness? It seems ironic to me … Continue reading Pour Yourself Out

Have You Forgotten?

The world stopped turning…

Or at least it seemed to that September morning. I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard that planes had hit the World Trade Center towers.

I was just a baby at the time. Not yet out of my teens, I was 19 years old and full of optimism and spunk. That morning the world became less sunshine and daisies. It was like the cloud of smoke and debris that had settled over lower Manhattan had also settled over my eyes. Continue reading “Have You Forgotten?”


The ultimate challenge in our walk with Christ is to attempt to live a life in His image. I struggle with this daily. I know that I do not always react with love in each situation. God gives us free will which allows us to decide if we are going to feed that feeling of … Continue reading Agápē

Give & It Shall Be Given Unto You

I woke up this morning and realized that 3 weeks from today we would be landing in Milan and starting our journey along the Alps to Venice. I am in awe that we are making this pilgrimage. God is so generous in providing our family the opportunity to make this journey and to see the Holy Sites we will be travelling to.

“But who am I, and who are my people…”(1 Chronicles 29:14)  David asks this of our Lord and I can appreciate how he must have been feeling in that moment. What have we done to be so generously provided for? There are millions of people around the world struggling for survival. It is my prayer that this journey will bring us all closer in worship to our Father and learn how to better honor Him.
Continue reading “Give & It Shall Be Given Unto You”