New Year…New Adventures

If you started reading my blog when I travelled to Italy, you know how much I love sharing my travel escapades with all of you. And, I am excited to announce that it is time for more. I am heading to Israel in 8 days and I am planning to share each part of this journey with you too! From enjoying the healing qualities of the Dead Sea, to marvelling at the wonder of the Dessert, to sitting in the same place where our Lord shared the Last Supper and listening for God’s voice at the sight of His Son’s tomb. Continue reading New Year…New Adventures

Free love…

I have the most amazing partner to travel through life with. My husband is such an incredible man! He is kind and loving, gentle and thoughtful, strong and sweet. I have been so incredibly blessed! His faith and views center me. He calms me when my emotions run rampant. He is my rock.

But, he’s not perfect and neither am I. Continue reading “Free love…”


Today is the big day! I am launching my business and website. I want this so badly! I want to create and run a successful consulting business. I want to someday have a team of employees working for me that help small businesses, both local and not. I am offering the following services Brand Development … Continue reading Worthy


Less than 3 days away from announcing a big change in my life. Most people who know me already know what’s coming. And anyone who doesn’t know what is coming may not care. But, I sit in a state of elevated anticipation that is literally making me sick to my stomach. I am so excited … Continue reading Novaturient

Renewed Optimism…

It’s a new day. I have been up since 3:30 this morning. I hit the ground running. I am excited to be pursuing my long-term dreams while still putting in the time on the here and now. I have 3 retainer clients in place. It gives a nice little oomph to my income and will … Continue reading Renewed Optimism…