Rome is a two-headed monster! We began the day in Saint Peter’s Basilica to have our Audience with Pope Francis. The excitement of the crowd was incredible! It was a massive throng of people to get in and we fought and elbowed our way through. Our group was able to secure fantastic seats and we … Continue reading Anphivenais

Aggiornamento Prega

Got our first ever upgrade!  We started the morning leaving the beauty of Assisi behind and heading toward Rome. But first, espresso! We arrived in Rome and immediately went to Vatican City to get the lay of the land and put together an attack plan for tomorrow morning. Apparently even sweet, little nuns get nasty … Continue reading Aggiornamento Prega


We are exhausted. We have been awake for more than 36 hours… But, we are here!!! We landed in Milan at 8 am (which because of the time change is 2 am back home). We have settled on our moving home away from home. This bus will serve as our main mode of transportation until … Continue reading Stanchezza


We are off… Sort of! The hubby and I are on the road for the first leg of our trip. We are driving 6-7 hours to meet up with the rest of our group and join them on this trip of a lifetime! We are so excited and nervous! This is going to be amazing! … Continue reading Viaggiatore


Five Days. I started packing tonight. Truth be told, I nearly finished packing too. I can’t wait! I am so excited! I promised I would share my packing list. Some people may consider this crazy. Others, genius. If you are not familiar with Polyvore, or the app, check it out immediately! It is perfect for things like … Continue reading Ossessivo