Well Hello…

We are trying Hello Fresh and received our first delivery today. I was incredibly excited when I saw the box sitting on our front porch. We went with the vegetarian menu because we are trying to eat less meat. I am a little disappointed with the options (or lack there of) on the vegetarian menu and may be looking to alternative delivery companies for a vegetarian menu. Continue reading “Well Hello…”

This is too sinful to be healthy…

IMG_6932We are working on our diets… AGAIN …and have had salad nearly every night this week. I’ll let you in on a tiny secret — I love salads! I knew this going in, so kinda feel like I am cheating somehow. My wonderful husband has been great! He is completely onboard and has been eating his share of leafy greens. He does not have nearly as much weight to lose as I do, but he wants us both to be healthy and happy so he has jumped right in. Continue reading “This is too sinful to be healthy…”

Bug’s Choice

In an effort to get the whole fam damily 😜 involved in the no sugar choices for dinner, I made a meal planner board on Pinterest that all of us can pin to. Tonight, I made Bug’s choice… Cheddar Bacon Chicken. It is delicious! Probably not the best choice for fat content, but definitely low … Continue reading Bug’s Choice

Greek sweet

Day 3 down! It was another good day! Before I left for work this morning, I made a marinade of Greek yogurt and cumin, paprika, and cinnamon. I cut chicken breasts into 1″ pieces and tossed them in the yogurt mixture. Then I put it in the fridge and let it sit all day while … Continue reading Greek sweet