The ultimate challenge in our walk with Christ is to attempt to live a life in His image. I struggle with this daily. I know that I do not always react with love in each situation. God gives us free will which allows us to decide if we are going to feed that feeling of … Continue reading Agápē

Daily Bread

I received the sweetest gift from a co-worker when I arrived into the office this morning. Cathie has a heart of gold and has been an incredible blessing to me at work. I will be leaving my current job in 3 weeks and she wanted me to have a copy of Our Daily Bread for my new job as a daily reminder of where my focus should be… On Him! Continue reading “Daily Bread”

My sweet honey bunny!

in honor of #nationaldogday, I am taking a moment out of my hectic schedule to recognize my sweet puppy! I have been so crazy with work lately that I have not been good about posting. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 😜 I’m sorry to my readers! I will try and pick it up again! … Continue reading My sweet honey bunny!